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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What is computer? And there functions with example.

Difination of Computer
A computer is a electronic device that calculate the mathematical operation within the second. It is a device that receive the data from input devices and process them by processor and gives the output from out put devices. A computer consists of main processing unit called central processing unit(CPU) or microprocessor, input devices(normally keyboard,mouses), output devices(normally monitor, printer),main memory(RAM) and auxiliary memory(hard disk, floppy disk). There are five types of computer generation up to now. the first generation computer had big in size com pair the other generation computer. The computer had been discovered in the 20 century. At the first time in the history the computer had been discovered. The size of the computer was large in size. That covers a whole room. The users of computer was more then hundred. The main processor of that computer had been redistributed more then hundred terminators. The computer dose not have the permanent storage device. Now the technology has been totally modernized by the scientists. The present computers has small in size compare to the previous generation computer. Todays, the computer like Laptop, palmtop, etc. are available in the market. In the first generations computer consumed more electricity and produced more heat. But the presents computer have more reliable then the first generation computer. Personal Computer have a high integration power then the previous generation computer. It is a programmable machine because it process the programs in the computer. It only understand programmable language. In the present day computer has been develop in a good manner that it understand human language and think as well. Before the computer only understand machine language because the letter are write in the human understandable language are not understand by the computer. Computer is derived from Latin word "computare" which mean 'calculate'. Computer are use in wide and variety of fields e.g. homes, school, college, offices, industries, etc.


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