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Sunday, August 22, 2010

The cuurent technologies of computers in the world markets

According to change in time and technology there is a large variation among the past,present and future as well. We should know what is inside the computer? When the service technician was installing somethings for you may be peeked. A computer is a large threatening machine when you look inside the CPU of computer at first time in your life. But when you see a parts of the computer once you know about the different parts of that make up complete computer it gets a lot easier to know. At present day computer have at least eight components but the advance computer have more then eight components. What are the main components and how they a The cuurent  technologies of computers  in the world marketsre use for? We are started with beginning to know you.
The Power Supply: The power supply is the process of supplying electricity to all of the components in your computer. It is positioned in one of the corners of the computer in a rectangular box. To find the power of the computer you should look where the power cable plugs the computer and then you find the power supply. Power supplies are calculated in Wattage and come 50 watt increments(500 watt,550,600, etc)
Motherboard: motherboard is the main components of the computer system. All the components are connected into the main components called motherboard. It is not said to be a brain of the computer system. But it holds the brain and helps it act together with all the other components of the machine.
Important components of the computer CPU: Central Processing Unit is know as the important components of the computer system. Because it is know as the brain of the computer system and nothing is going to happen without it. All the computer calculation, processing as well as performed by a computer are carried out inside its CPU. It is responsible for activating and controlling the operation of other units or the system. It is measured in gigahertz(Ghz) and ti is faster then 3.8Ghz at present.
Random Access Memory: Random Access Memory is used as temporary working storage for the computer.RAM have different types with their speed, but it should match with your motherboard. It can work properly. If you have more RAM in your computer it works as better as those computer who have less RAM in computer hardware.
Hard Drive: It is a storage device for every things.In the hard drive operating system(Windows XP, etc) are includes,games,and different types of software etc are also available. The capacity of the hard drive is being continuously increasing according to change in time and technology. In the interval of few years its capacity have gone from around 20 MB to over 500 GB and more. Because of storing device hard drive can store a lot of information, games, pictures, videos, application,and more.
Cooling fans: It is the main part of the computer system. Cooling fans is connected with the CPU to cool down the heating of components of the computer. It helps to cool down the heat generated by other components, such as power supply, the CPU, and some high-end videos cards. Cooling fans puts computer overheats and breaks, while most of the noise you hear coming from a computer can be credited to the cooling fans,it is the parts of computer.
The seventh and final components is the combination of different devices. They are; Cd-rom,DVD drives, Floppy disk and backup devices such as external hard drive.

Latest computer Processor:

In the present day technology has been change according to change in tine and modernization. The latest computer processor provides high speed processing, high performance, less effort in multitasking and a dramatic increasing in your results. Today in history of computer technology desktops and notebooks provides a greater performance, quality and reliability then before it have. Its performance speed is faster then 2x,it take less time for waiting, sleek designs and keep you productive, entertained and informed. The latest technology provides you to perform you need to designed according to your desire. The latest computer technology have knowledge of understanding natural language like Japanese, Malaya etc. So that to keep our generation of computer to be continue we should have to continue our process with the time. Lets take a look on Next Generation Processor of the technology.
Dual-Core processor

Core(TM)2 Duo processor

Quad-Core Processor

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The new advance in computer technology:


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