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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Computer Technologies V/S Mobile Technology

Computer Technology:

In the history of technology there is lots of changes take places due to developed in the sector of technology. Among them computer technology is one of the main technology in the world technology. Before computers are used in only business organization but now a days computers are used in every sector of the world. computer technology are separated all over the people of the world on their hand. Present computer technology are developed in advance way with developing the knowledge of the people.
During the time of developing computer in the history of computer science the computer technology was poor then we have present in the computer. The computer technology is so deeply developed that computer can process their work within the millisecond. Computer technology is continuously develop with the changing knowledge of the people in this sector and they are improving in better way in this computer technology. The technologies has been many types of technologies are propounded. With their acknowledgment in distributing their valuable time in this sector for give the people good knowledge about the computer technology. Computer technologist is the greatest in the world.

Mobile Technology:
Mobile technology is one of the best technology in the world. Mobile technology is so developed that many people are enjoining in them. Mobile technology is one of the most common technology to solving the problem of network business. Mobile phones is considered as the connector of people. Mobile phones takes a great position in the market of the world. According to changing computer technology Mobile technology also change take place in the present generation.
First feature of technology.
Technology is being change take place with changing development of the world business. The common technology of Mobile phones is Memory:
Memory is said to be a storage device of Mobile phones. Because Memory can store the data,program ,songs,video to access at Mobile Phones. Memory are made or manufacture by different company . The capacity of memory is differ to each other. Because the wants of the user are also deffer to each other. Up to now the capacity of memory is 32 GB.


anjella martin on April 28, 2013 at 3:05 AM said...

Before online Business networking, there was and has always been, networking face-to-face. "Schmoozing" or "rubbing elbows" are expressions used among business professionals for introducing and meeting one another, and establishing rapport.

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