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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mobile Phone V/S Human beings

Human Beings:

Human beings are considered as a master of technology. Because they invent it and compromise with himself. In the present time human beings are used mobile phones as a alternate devices.Because mobile is considered as a part of life of the human beings. Mobile phones helps the human beings bu connecting them and talk and share their feelings withe each other. Human beings is a self dependent spices, because make their food and shelter by themselves. To fulfill their wants and other wants they invent many new and latest technology with changing time and knowledge. So, among them mobile phone is one of the most technology. Mobile phones helps us to connect the people who are away from each other.

Mobile phones:
Mobile Phones is one of the most common communication device made by human beings. Mobile phones is becomes a most common devices all over the world. In the present day mobile phones becomes a best all over the universe due to changing their technology and accuracy. Mobile phones is made by human beings for the satisfaction of the people wants and desires. Mobile phones is mostly used in the field of communication and network sector.
Relationships between Mobile phones and Human beings:
Relationships is refers to be a internal connection among those factors.


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